Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I am still here...

So I have been super busy and have not had much time for quilting and the like. We went out of town for a week, school starts next week, we have had two playdates at our house this month already and life is just streaming by…

Though I sent my Doll Quilt Swap #4 quilt almost a month ago, I have not heard anything from the recipient. I hope she gets it soon and says something. Even if she hates it, I will make her something else and she can return my cutie fishies back to me. I really like how my quilt turned out and had so much fun making it.

I received my quilt in the mail from Karen and absolutely love it! I really like the colors and swirlies quilted around the stars. As I am a newbie to Doll Quilts I am still trying to decide if I should display them on a wall or just let the boys play with them, any thoughts?

dqs4 with bonus stuff

I was able to finish my first attempt at free motion quilting on my own machine. I bought a Cars panel and practiced tracing the characters. It is on the couch halfway bound and should be finished while I am watching the Olympics tonight after the boys go to bed. I will take a photo when it is done and share it. I learned a lot about free motion quilting while working on it and still have even more to learn.

I honestly am trying to work on quilting, I promise! I am putting the sashing on the blocks my Mommy ‘n Me group made for QoV. I wanted to have them done by the end of July, but.. ummm… yeah… Maybe I can get the tops finished in August, lol. Here is a photo to prove I am actually doing something!

Aug 13 2008

So Ronin’s pirate quilt has been moved down the list and will be next after these two QoV tops. I really want to finish his so I can send it off with Zach's to be quilted before Christmas.