Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I joined Amy's Creative Side's One Thing One Week Challenge last week and committed to getting the sashing done on at least one of my ABC quilts. I succeeded and almost finished a second. The second only has the last bottom sashing that I need to add, but I had to piece the sashing and then put the rest off.

Here is a photo of the top that I finished. I will be quilting once school starts in the middle of August.

Ronin's ABC Top - Unquilted

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Careful use of my time

I have started back to school for my Master's Program (only four classes left). I had taken a few months off. So now I have school work on top of everything else I try to do daily... cleaning, childcare, crafting, playing, TV watching, etc. I also have committed to a local roller derby league and have practice twice a week for a total of five hours of skating (though I have only been able to go once a week the last two weeks). So my sewing time has been reduced.. a lot. Good thing that four of my five quilting bees ended in the last two months!

I have been busy sewing though...
ABC Quilts (really moving along, but no where near done)
BUZZCUTS Bee (we just started the second year)

DQS9 (half of the piecing is done)
Swim School Background

Small Quilts Class (only three more months out of nine)
January - Rail Fence
Rail Fence - January

February - Interwoven
Interwoven - February

March - Old Maid's Puzzle
Old Maid's Puzzle - March

April - Lady of the Lake
Lady of the Lake - April

May - Variable Star
Modify Tradition Swap Spring 2010 - Finished

June - Maple Leaf
Maple Leaves - July

July - Triangles and Squares
Class is this Saturday the 24th!