Friday, January 17, 2014

Finish Along 2014 Q1 List

I have so many UFOs that I want to be held accountable and join The Littlest Thistle's Finish Along 2014 Q1. With my cancer surgery and radiation, I might not finish all these in Q1, but it is nice to have them all in one place and I can always move them to the next Quarter!

1. DQS#14 - This has a due date (1/24), but has been lingering in this state over a month.
2. MQG Madrona Road Challenge - I made a scrappy trip along top and ran out of fabric. So I ordered more then left it sitting.
3. Anni's Red, Aqua, Grey, Pink Quilt - Blocks from swaps all here
4. Eiry's Red, Aqua, Grey, Pink Quilt - Blocks from swaps need two more Scrappy Trip Along blocks
5. Anni's Munki Munki Quilt - Blocks done
6. Eiry's Munki Munki Quilt - Blocks need sashings added
7. Super Old UFO - Charity Nine Patch - Blocks done and need sashing
8. Orange Pirate Quilt - Fabric Cut
9. Mendocino Quilt - Nothing cut, but the fabric has been in a pretty stack waiting for three months
10. Hugs for my helpers - When I am sewing, I normally have one girl on each side of me 'helping'. I need to be calmer and remember they love me and want to be with me and are not actually trying to mess me up while sewing.
 Good luck everyone and keep on sewing!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Moving to Bloglovin

Since Google Reader is closing, I am trying to set up a new reader and I need to post this script to link to my blog.

So please ignore!

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Sunday, January 29, 2012

I am back!

I have not posted since March 2011 and I feel a little bad. I really have so few readers that I am not sure if I should feel bad at all. Here is the reason for my absence...

eAdriennetwinsdec2011 032
Eiry and Anni born prematurely on November 1st, 2011.

I have not been sewing much at all since I got pregnant with them as it was a rough pregnancy and I was so uncomfortable. I did get the biding on my RK strawberry quilt.

Insert Photo

I also got three quilts quilted for free by Lovebug Studios... my HR Bee quilt, the Fresh Squeezed top, and a String quilt. The binding is attached to them as of January 1st, 2012, but it will take some time to bind all three. I will post about them as I finish.

I entered the lottery for DQS12 today and hope to get included again. I have so enjoyed it in the past and was very sad not to be able to play last round.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

February UFO #10

So I got super busy in January and finished a bunch of my smaller UFOs including the one picked for February. My Double X mini was the top made int he last month of my Small Quilts class. I still have the very first top from that class to quilt and bind and I think it should be next one on my to-do list.

Double X Mini Quilt - September

I am also only halfway done with my DQS10 top and am leaving for Europe in 8 days. So we know what I should be working on right now!

Here is the last progress picture I took of it...
DQS10 on background

It has the rickrack attacked and is laying on the backing (about two feet away staring at me hoping that I get some more work done on it today). All I really have left is the flying geese border and the quilting/binding. If I can get the top finished and basted I can do the rest on the 14 hour plane ride or during my trip. We will see!!!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Moving along...

I am still hard at work on my UFOs. For the month of February, Judy chose #10 which is a mini quilt that I already finished in January. So I have a month to work on anything that I want... actually because of my trip in March I have to start and finish my quilt for the DQS10 this month.

While grocery shopping last week, I happened to look at the clearance isle of football stuff that was reduced since football is over here. While browsing the clearance I found a poly/cotton blend pillow case that will be a perfect center for the Broncos quilt! Yeah, I have pulled out those blocks and they are on my short list.

I am still undecided about the String Swap Blocks, because they are just brightly colored string blocks which I have gotten over already. I think I just need to choose a color and sash them into a top and get it DONE. Maybe aqua or white... hmmmm....

The Variation Stars top is still at the quilters, but I have the binding cut and ironed already. I also still need to get a photo of this.

I am half way done binding the Halloween quilt. It turned out awesome! I used a new quilter Eagle Mounting Quilters and they did a great job on this quilt. I love the lime green thread she chose!

Three of the mini quilts got done in January. Only one left... the Rainbow Rail Fence Mini and I have no idea how to quilt it!
One Thing One Week Challenge 6

I also finished binding the Brown Bag Challenge Quilt and am looking for a good place to donate it. It is way to girly for this household of boys.

I also started two new projects... a lime/gray quilt for which I have been collecting fabrics over a year and a batik quilt made with some green/blue batiks a friend generously gave to me. Little did she know my unlike of batiks...
New WIPs

I have been pretty sick the last few days and am hoping to get well by Friday because that is the next Sweatshop night at my LQS and I obviously still have lots to do!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Actual Progress...

I have made progress on a lot of my UFOS...

Broncos Top - I think I have found a center, but it is knit. I am debating on whether it will work as a quilt center if I back it in interfacing or not....

Halloween – I have made the backing and mailed this to a quilter.

Variation Stars – I finished the borders and have made the backing and mailed this to a quilter.

Maple Leaf Mini - This is completely finished and ready to be gifted.

BBCQ - This has a backing and is at the quilters.

The variation stars was drawn by Judy for this months UFO and I finished it first and then kept on going. I am wanting to finish all of my list, but it is such a boring list that I really want to start something new.

I forgot to take photos of most of my completed tops that are now at the quilters... But here is the one I remembered, the Brown Bag Challenge Quilt.
Brown Bag Challenge Quilt

I also managed to complete a ton of blocks for the 3 by 6 Mini Bee (check my Flickr photostream). I made angel blocks from my group from last quarter (4th qtr 2010) because one of our ladies went missing. I also completed the blocks for my ladies this quarter (1st qtr 2011) that are not actually due until March 15th! Woohoo!

I also finished my January blocks for BUZZCUTs for Andrea.
Buzzcuts January 2011

Maybe I can keep up the good work, but I feel the motivation waning...

Sunday, December 19, 2010

12 Things in 2011

So I have seen a bunch of people putting up challenges for completing UFOs in 2011. Don't we try to do that every year? I need to go back and see if I did that for 2010 and how well I accomplished it.

So for 2011, I hope to finish 12 UFOs in 12 months (maybe even one each month). Here they are in no particular order...
  1. Broncos Top - Find Center and make into a top - Found a center
  2. String Swap Blocks - Combine blocks into a top
  3. Pirate Quilt - Blocks are cut, but not even started
  4. Beginner RR - Finish Quilting/Bind
  5. Triple Four Patch - Baste/Quilt/Bind
  6. Variation Stars – Borders/Backing/Binding - Done in January
  7. Halloween – Backing/Quilt/Bind - Done in February
  8. Rainbow Rail Fence Mini - Quilt/Bind
  9. Rainbow Stars Mini - Quilt/Bind - Done January
  10. Double X Mini - Quilt/Bind - Done January
  11. Maple Leaf Mini - Quilt/Bind - Done January
  12. BBCQ - Backing/Quilt/Bind - Done January
The larger quilts I hope to get the tops completed and backings ready and maybe I can afford to have one quilted every other month (I have three tops with backings in line already). I hope to finish the quilting and binding on the smaller ones myself.