Monday, April 11, 2016

Second Quarter of the 2016 Finish A Long

Here are my goals for the 2nd quarter of the #2016 FAL.

1. Dottie Angel Frock
This has been on my list a while. The dress is almost done, but the arm holes are huge and show my bra and sides underneath. So I need to draft a pattern and add sleeves to make this wearable.

2.Dresden Mini
I have had this basted and ready for hand quilting for over a year (maybe two). I just need to get to work and do it!

3. Secret Surprise Quilt
The fabric is cut and I have barely started piecing. If I can get the top and backing to the quilter by the end of the quarter I will be excited.

4. My Christmas Tree Skirt
This is currently at the quilters and will need trimmed and bound once it comes home.

5. #stepstepmom quilt
This is also currently at the quilters and will need trimmed, labeled and bound once it comes home.

Hopefully, I can finish a few of these goals before June! :)

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Puppilalla said...

Wonderful projects with inspiring colour choices. Good luck making progress.