Sunday, December 19, 2010

12 Things in 2011

So I have seen a bunch of people putting up challenges for completing UFOs in 2011. Don't we try to do that every year? I need to go back and see if I did that for 2010 and how well I accomplished it.

So for 2011, I hope to finish 12 UFOs in 12 months (maybe even one each month). Here they are in no particular order...
  1. Broncos Top - Find Center and make into a top - Found a center
  2. String Swap Blocks - Combine blocks into a top
  3. Pirate Quilt - Blocks are cut, but not even started
  4. Beginner RR - Finish Quilting/Bind
  5. Triple Four Patch - Baste/Quilt/Bind
  6. Variation Stars – Borders/Backing/Binding - Done in January
  7. Halloween – Backing/Quilt/Bind - Done in February
  8. Rainbow Rail Fence Mini - Quilt/Bind
  9. Rainbow Stars Mini - Quilt/Bind - Done January
  10. Double X Mini - Quilt/Bind - Done January
  11. Maple Leaf Mini - Quilt/Bind - Done January
  12. BBCQ - Backing/Quilt/Bind - Done January
The larger quilts I hope to get the tops completed and backings ready and maybe I can afford to have one quilted every other month (I have three tops with backings in line already). I hope to finish the quilting and binding on the smaller ones myself.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Finally Done with the ABCs!!!!

I have finally finished the three ABC quilts that have taken over my quilting life for the last 6 or so months. I took the quilted tops to my mom's for Thanksgiving and managed to get them all bound before leaving Texas. I used up pieces of binding left over from other quilts so each of the three ABC tops has a very scrappy binding. The quilts are so scrappy to begin with that I thought this would be a great way to use up more scraps.

ABC Quilts +1

I also finished the red quilt from about 5-6 years ago and am thinking of donating it to that blogger 100 quilts challenge thing. Not sure yet....

Red Quilt
Red Nines Charity Quilt

Miss Pam's quilt
For the boy's teacher

Ronin's Quilt

Zach's Quilt

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A little accounting to keep myself honest

My Ongoing Projects:
Three ABC/I-SPY quilts - Need Bound

Variation Star Bee Blocks – Sashing Ideas?!

Halloween Quilt – Needs ironed and a backing made... Border?!?!

Brown Bag Challenge Quilt - Idea Created... now to cut

Last Small Quilt top – half done, but not interesting

Didn't do anything on these:
Charity Nine Patch Yellow – Missing?! Where are these blocks?!

Broncos Quilt – Blocks Made, but I need a center medallion/pillowcase

Orange Pirate Top - Cut PIGS (project in grocery sack)

Completed tops awaiting quilting:
RK Strawberries Top

7 of 9 Small Quilts

Beginner RR

Tops at the quilters:
Spring Strings Top*

HR Bee Top*

Fresh Squeezed Stripes Top*

* sent to LoveBug Studios as part of her 100 quilts challenge without my remembering to take a 'before' photo

This week's stats:

Currently in progress - 6
New projects started - 0
Completed projects - 0

Monday, September 27, 2010

One Thing One Week #3 - Halloween Quilt

Once again Amy at Amy's Creative Side has challenged us to finish one thing in the last week. So I joined in and choose designing my Halloween quilt. I got the blocks from two virtual quilting bees so all my friends made them (plus I added a few to get the right number). The block sizes are unfisished 6.5", 9.5" and 12.5". So I had some finagling to do!


I also got a start on sorting the scraps and cutting them into sashing for the 9.5" blocks. Woo hoo!


Maybe I will get the top done by Halloween! Yeah maybe... LOL

Monday, August 30, 2010

DQS9 Finished

I did finish my DQS9 last week and will be mailing it today with some fun extras.

DQS9 Finished

I had two ideas and thought I could meld them, but that was a failure. So I just went with my original wagon wheel looking block and then hand stitched some details. I had help choosing a background from the ladies in the Flickr group.

I am also sending a couple of fun homemade sewing accessories including a needle book, a dangle for scissors/rotary cutter and a little needle magnet to hold while sewing. I might send a couple of fun FQs as well.

Monday, August 23, 2010

One thing this week

Once again Amy at Amy's Creative Side has challenged us to finish one thing in one week. So I had to join in and choose finishing my DQS9 and sending it by Saturday. Honestly, the binding is 3/4 finished and I have an idea for the label and extras so this should be simple. But who knows what life will throw me in the next week!

Amy's Creative Side

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I joined Amy's Creative Side's One Thing One Week Challenge last week and committed to getting the sashing done on at least one of my ABC quilts. I succeeded and almost finished a second. The second only has the last bottom sashing that I need to add, but I had to piece the sashing and then put the rest off.

Here is a photo of the top that I finished. I will be quilting once school starts in the middle of August.

Ronin's ABC Top - Unquilted

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Careful use of my time

I have started back to school for my Master's Program (only four classes left). I had taken a few months off. So now I have school work on top of everything else I try to do daily... cleaning, childcare, crafting, playing, TV watching, etc. I also have committed to a local roller derby league and have practice twice a week for a total of five hours of skating (though I have only been able to go once a week the last two weeks). So my sewing time has been reduced.. a lot. Good thing that four of my five quilting bees ended in the last two months!

I have been busy sewing though...
ABC Quilts (really moving along, but no where near done)
BUZZCUTS Bee (we just started the second year)

DQS9 (half of the piecing is done)
Swim School Background

Small Quilts Class (only three more months out of nine)
January - Rail Fence
Rail Fence - January

February - Interwoven
Interwoven - February

March - Old Maid's Puzzle
Old Maid's Puzzle - March

April - Lady of the Lake
Lady of the Lake - April

May - Variable Star
Modify Tradition Swap Spring 2010 - Finished

June - Maple Leaf
Maple Leaves - July

July - Triangles and Squares
Class is this Saturday the 24th!

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Accountablity and even more Bee blocks

I have a horrid habit of starting projects with no intended recipient then letting them languish unfinished for years. I do not think I am the only crafter with this problem as I hear and see so many others complain about UFOs (Un-Finished Objects) and WIPs (Works in Progress). So I am tryingto hold myself accountable and made a list of ten projects to complete this year, I called it my "10 in '10" List. I am going to post it here to help myself stay motivated...

1. ABC - Ronin
This quilt has the blocks complete and I have started the sashing process. All sashing is cut and half is already attached, but not yet ironed.
Update 7/24 - This quilt top is now done and needs sandwiched and quilted.
Update 12/1 - Finished in November
2. ABC - Zach
This quilt has the blocks complete and I have started the sashing process. All sashing is cut and half is already attached, but not yet ironed. Yes, it is in the same stage as the other as I am working on them simultaneously.
Update 7/27 - This quilt top is now done and needs sandwiched and quilted.
Update 12/1 - Finished in November
3. ABC - School
This quilt has the blocks complete and I have started the sashing process, but I am half a yard short of the sashing material and need to find some more. (Anyone have 1/2 a yard of the White on Black dots from the "That's It" line by Michael Miller that they want to trade with me?)
Update 12/1 - Finished in November
4. Broncos Mountain Majesties
The blocks are done, but I am having a hard time find a cotton pillowcase or flag with a large Broncos emblem on it for the center.
Update 12/1 - Not even touched all year!
5. Bright Strings
This top is complete, but still needs a backing before going to the quilters. I need to find a big enough piece from my stash and prepare that backing.
Update 7/27 - I seamed the backing today.
Update 12/1 - At the Quilters
6. Halloween Quilt from Bee blocks
All the block are now here and I have a layout planned.
Update 12/1 - Top complete needs backing
7. Triple Four Patch
Top, Batting and Backing ready, so why I am I not quilting it yet?!
8. HR Stripe Bee Quilt
Bought sashing for the completed blocks last weekend. Next on my list after the ABC quilts.
Update 12/1 - At the Quilters
9. RK Strawberries Bee Quilt
This top is complete, but still needs a backing before going to the quilters. I bought a bunch of Kona Avocado and plan on putting the one incorrectly sized block off center within the backing.
SK@H Quilt Top
Update 12/1 - At the Quilters
10. All 9 Minis for Quilter's Studio Class
I missed class in June, but am finished with Jan., Feb., March, April and Mays tops. So halfway done?!
Update 12/1 - Five are completely finished while four still need quilted and bound

Now for a June update on my quilting bee blocks...

BUZZCUTS Quilting Bee was for sunflowerquilt (Jennie) and she sent the gray/black and we added our scraps. I almost had enough to make three whole blocks.
June Buzzcuts - for sunflowerquilt (Jennie)

In the Stash Busting Bee Int'l, it was my month and I had the group create the same variation stars as BUZZCUTs made me last month. With over half the blocks here, I am almost ready to start putting that top together. June is the last month so this bee is practically over.

Sew Kid @ Heart II Quilting Bee was for curtiqueen and we made wonky log cabins with her fabric as a focus. I failed to take a photo of the block I made, but it was cute. This was the last month for this swap.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Relearning iPhoto to show Bee Blocks

Since my last post, my reliable old Dell laptop died and was replaced by a beautiful sparkly new Mac Book Pro, which I have no idea how to use. I have easily learned the internet via Mac... LOL But I have no idea where it is saving my photos when it downloads them off my camera, so it might take me a couple tries to get the photos added to this post as I hunt them down across the computer.

April BUZZCUTs for Sara we made monochromatic blocks from our stash. I got to pick my favorite color... Green.

April SK@H2 for Becca we made cute blocks with her novelty focus fabrics.
SK@H2 Bee Block April

April Sweet Dreams Bee for Terrie we made blocks with her fabrics that featured the cutie kids fabric. April was the final month for this bee!
Sweet Dreams Bee April

April Stash Busting Int'l for Kyra we made postage stamp blocks. This block took a long time for being simple squares.
Stash Busting Bee April

In May BUZZCUTs started all over for another year and I got to go first this time! I sent out white fabrics and asked for a blue/green block from everyone following a specific pattern that has recently gotten popular in Flickrland. Check out the linky to see what people have been creating for me!

May SK@H2 for Ida we used her white background and added 2.5" bright squares from our stash.
May Swap Block - SK@H2

May Stash Busting Int'l was for Corey and had tons of little (1" finsihed) squares that I added to her lovely grey solid.
May Swap Block - Stash Busting Int'l

For June in the Stash Busting Int'l, it is my month and I am having them make more more of the blocks that BUZZCUTs made for me in May. I should get 24 or so 16" blocks and hope to make a duvet cover for my own bed.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I have too much on my mind to organize it there...

I had my Sweatshop UFO night at my local shop coming up Friday. I have so much to do by the end of the month that I was wanting to organize my thoughts in one place, so why not on my blog.

Here is all I need to finish by 5/31 or sooner….

1. May ‘Small Quilt’ for class – 240 1.5” HSTs already sewn, but need cut, ironed and pieced into a top (maybe I can cut and iron them tonight)

2. Two more April virtual bee blocks – Ida and Barb (all the pieces are cut, but they need pieced)

3. ABC tops 3X – get the blocks finished and assembled

4. Backing for Green Strawberries quilt (do I even have fabric for this???)

Then I need to get my Modify Tradition ideas sorted out and start working on a top to be mailed around June 8th.

Now that I write it all down it does not seem too bad… LOL If I can get the first three things on my list done at Sweatshop, I would be in a good place. I have to finish the first two because they have actual due dates. The 3rd is harder than it looks and is on my Spring to Finish 2010 Challenge list so I really want to at least get something done on them.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Spring to Finish Challenge 2010

So I joined Jacquie's Spring to Finish Challenge 2010 over at her Tall Grass Studio blog. I joined her last fall and managed to get almost 10 project done before the new year.

I still have so many UFO/WIPs that I am going to try and be conservative this time. I am listing 5 WIPs/UFOs that I think I might actually be able to finish in the allotted time frame.

1. Get my Sew Kid @ Heart top ready for the quilter (finish top, borders and find a backing)
2. Get Ronin's ABC top together (fabrics cut, but that's it)
3. Get Zach's's ABC top together (fabrics cut)
4. Get School Charity ABC top together (fabrics cut)
5. Stay on time with all my VQB blocks for April and May

If I achieve these goals then I am going to cave in and buy the last 5-7 yards of the KJR blue basket weave hidden in the back at my LQS. – ALREADY DONE!

AS I get each project finished, I will try to get a picture up as soon as I can.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Trying Something New

I am going to attempt to use Microsoft Office to create my blog posts. We will see how well this works soon.

My recent bee blocks…

Stash Busting Bee February for marilynkb we made ISPY squares. I used 34 different prints for this one block.

Stash BUsting Bee Feb Block

BUZZCUTs February for Olivethebeach. I had a difficult time deciding what to make with these fabrics, but I saw this block in a magazine and I loved it!

February Bee Blocks Buzzcuts

February was my month in the Sweet Dreams Quilting Bee, so check out the Halloween blocks everyone made me in the group photo pool!

Sew Kids @ Heart II February for RebeccaSewsAlong. She wanted a disappearing nine patch made from her pre-cut charms.

February Bee Blocks SK@H2

For the 3 by 6 sampler Quilting Bee, I sent the following blocks…

3 by 6 Bee #1

And I received the following blocks…

3 by 6 bee Qtr 1 Bee 2

Plus and angel block from fancytwo….

Angel Block for the 3 by 6 group

Stash Busting Bee March for Quilting Barbie had us use scraps to make this super fun block. I am copying her idea for my month in BUZZCUTs for May.

March Bee Blocks - Stash Busting Bee

Sweet Dreams Quilting Bee March for sewingoma. She sent the cutest reproduction fabrics specially selected for each month. I got October, which happens to be my birthmonth as well!

Sweet Dreams Bee March Blocks

BUZZCUTs March for sunflowerquilt we created blocks around the chicken fabric. These are so cool to me!

March Bee Blocks - Buzzcuts

Sew Kids @ Heart II March for Isaacsmama we made wonky stars with her blue as the background. I love making these simple blocks!

SK@H2 Bee March Blocks

Monday, March 15, 2010

Doll Quilt Swap #8

Here is what I did for the Doll Quilt Swap #8...

I had one idea...

DQS8 Idea #1

But went a different direction with this idea...

DQS8 Idea#2

This is what I sent to my partner mamaurchin...

Doll Quilt Swap #8

Here is what I received from Brioni in the UK! I love it! It is so wonderful and perfectly me!

DQS8 finished.

Monday, February 1, 2010

January Quilting Bee Blocks

Sweet Dreams Quilting Bee for quiltedoma.
January Sweet Dreams Bee
I had a very hard time with this block because the fabric was textured and rather monochrome. It was neat to work outside of my comfort zone, but I wish I could have thought up another block.

Sew Kid @ Heart II for sweetteamom
January SK@H2 Bee Blocks
She is creating an I-SPY type quilt for her son and this was so fun and simple that I really enjoyed it.

Buzzcuts for sewwunderful
BUZZCUTs Jan Bee block
Pink is my least favorite color on the planet so it took me forever to decide what to do for this fabric. I was sent more than enough to make a second block, but the creativity was missing. This block is quite lovely though and it will fit in well with the blocks all the other participants created.

Stash Busting Bee - International for Mimipark
January Stash Busting Bee
She wanted logcabins with red centers and the colors pink, red, brown and tan. I really had to dig in my scrap bag to find some pink and reds, but the blocks turned out fun and I cannot wait to see how all of our blocks look together!

I also finished my last block in the original Sew Kid @ Heart Bee. They are 30's string blocks for tessophia.
Sew Kid @ Heart December

Monday, January 4, 2010

December Quilting Bee Blocks

I had to finish all my December bee blocks early because we spent 2 weeks in Texas visiting my parents and sisters (plus Brian). We had a wonderful time, but the drive down was frustrating as we got stuck on a 4 mile stretch of I-35 in OKC for almost 8 hours because of the weather.

Sweet Dreams Quilting Bee for quiltinkimmie

Sweet Dreams Quilting Bee Dec Blocks

For the Sew Kid @ Heart II Bee Terrie had us making wonky stars with some WWE fabric and I completely forgot to get a photo before mailing them.

Buzzcuts for Isaacsmama

BUZZCUTs Dec Blocks for Isaacsmama

Stash Busting Bee was on Christmas hiatus and will resume in January with Mimipark.