Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Relearning iPhoto to show Bee Blocks

Since my last post, my reliable old Dell laptop died and was replaced by a beautiful sparkly new Mac Book Pro, which I have no idea how to use. I have easily learned the internet via Mac... LOL But I have no idea where it is saving my photos when it downloads them off my camera, so it might take me a couple tries to get the photos added to this post as I hunt them down across the computer.

April BUZZCUTs for Sara we made monochromatic blocks from our stash. I got to pick my favorite color... Green.

April SK@H2 for Becca we made cute blocks with her novelty focus fabrics.
SK@H2 Bee Block April

April Sweet Dreams Bee for Terrie we made blocks with her fabrics that featured the cutie kids fabric. April was the final month for this bee!
Sweet Dreams Bee April

April Stash Busting Int'l for Kyra we made postage stamp blocks. This block took a long time for being simple squares.
Stash Busting Bee April

In May BUZZCUTs started all over for another year and I got to go first this time! I sent out white fabrics and asked for a blue/green block from everyone following a specific pattern that has recently gotten popular in Flickrland. Check out the linky to see what people have been creating for me!

May SK@H2 for Ida we used her white background and added 2.5" bright squares from our stash.
May Swap Block - SK@H2

May Stash Busting Int'l was for Corey and had tons of little (1" finsihed) squares that I added to her lovely grey solid.
May Swap Block - Stash Busting Int'l

For June in the Stash Busting Int'l, it is my month and I am having them make more more of the blocks that BUZZCUTs made for me in May. I should get 24 or so 16" blocks and hope to make a duvet cover for my own bed.

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Quiltstory said...

Oh I'm loving all the green. My faves are the postage stamp blocks and DEFINITELY the elephant blocks! So sweet! Good work!