Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I have too much on my mind to organize it there...

I had my Sweatshop UFO night at my local shop coming up Friday. I have so much to do by the end of the month that I was wanting to organize my thoughts in one place, so why not on my blog.

Here is all I need to finish by 5/31 or sooner….

1. May ‘Small Quilt’ for class – 240 1.5” HSTs already sewn, but need cut, ironed and pieced into a top (maybe I can cut and iron them tonight)

2. Two more April virtual bee blocks – Ida and Barb (all the pieces are cut, but they need pieced)

3. ABC tops 3X – get the blocks finished and assembled

4. Backing for Green Strawberries quilt (do I even have fabric for this???)

Then I need to get my Modify Tradition ideas sorted out and start working on a top to be mailed around June 8th.

Now that I write it all down it does not seem too bad… LOL If I can get the first three things on my list done at Sweatshop, I would be in a good place. I have to finish the first two because they have actual due dates. The 3rd is harder than it looks and is on my Spring to Finish 2010 Challenge list so I really want to at least get something done on them.

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