Monday, February 1, 2010

January Quilting Bee Blocks

Sweet Dreams Quilting Bee for quiltedoma.
January Sweet Dreams Bee
I had a very hard time with this block because the fabric was textured and rather monochrome. It was neat to work outside of my comfort zone, but I wish I could have thought up another block.

Sew Kid @ Heart II for sweetteamom
January SK@H2 Bee Blocks
She is creating an I-SPY type quilt for her son and this was so fun and simple that I really enjoyed it.

Buzzcuts for sewwunderful
BUZZCUTs Jan Bee block
Pink is my least favorite color on the planet so it took me forever to decide what to do for this fabric. I was sent more than enough to make a second block, but the creativity was missing. This block is quite lovely though and it will fit in well with the blocks all the other participants created.

Stash Busting Bee - International for Mimipark
January Stash Busting Bee
She wanted logcabins with red centers and the colors pink, red, brown and tan. I really had to dig in my scrap bag to find some pink and reds, but the blocks turned out fun and I cannot wait to see how all of our blocks look together!

I also finished my last block in the original Sew Kid @ Heart Bee. They are 30's string blocks for tessophia.
Sew Kid @ Heart December