Tuesday, March 1, 2011

February UFO #10

So I got super busy in January and finished a bunch of my smaller UFOs including the one picked for February. My Double X mini was the top made int he last month of my Small Quilts class. I still have the very first top from that class to quilt and bind and I think it should be next one on my to-do list.

Double X Mini Quilt - September

I am also only halfway done with my DQS10 top and am leaving for Europe in 8 days. So we know what I should be working on right now!

Here is the last progress picture I took of it...
DQS10 on background

It has the rickrack attacked and is laying on the backing (about two feet away staring at me hoping that I get some more work done on it today). All I really have left is the flying geese border and the quilting/binding. If I can get the top finished and basted I can do the rest on the 14 hour plane ride or during my trip. We will see!!!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Moving along...

I am still hard at work on my UFOs. For the month of February, Judy chose #10 which is a mini quilt that I already finished in January. So I have a month to work on anything that I want... actually because of my trip in March I have to start and finish my quilt for the DQS10 this month.

While grocery shopping last week, I happened to look at the clearance isle of football stuff that was reduced since football is over here. While browsing the clearance I found a poly/cotton blend pillow case that will be a perfect center for the Broncos quilt! Yeah, I have pulled out those blocks and they are on my short list.

I am still undecided about the String Swap Blocks, because they are just brightly colored string blocks which I have gotten over already. I think I just need to choose a color and sash them into a top and get it DONE. Maybe aqua or white... hmmmm....

The Variation Stars top is still at the quilters, but I have the binding cut and ironed already. I also still need to get a photo of this.

I am half way done binding the Halloween quilt. It turned out awesome! I used a new quilter Eagle Mounting Quilters and they did a great job on this quilt. I love the lime green thread she chose!

Three of the mini quilts got done in January. Only one left... the Rainbow Rail Fence Mini and I have no idea how to quilt it!
One Thing One Week Challenge 6

I also finished binding the Brown Bag Challenge Quilt and am looking for a good place to donate it. It is way to girly for this household of boys.

I also started two new projects... a lime/gray quilt for which I have been collecting fabrics over a year and a batik quilt made with some green/blue batiks a friend generously gave to me. Little did she know my unlike of batiks...
New WIPs

I have been pretty sick the last few days and am hoping to get well by Friday because that is the next Sweatshop night at my LQS and I obviously still have lots to do!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Actual Progress...

I have made progress on a lot of my UFOS...

Broncos Top - I think I have found a center, but it is knit. I am debating on whether it will work as a quilt center if I back it in interfacing or not....

Halloween – I have made the backing and mailed this to a quilter.

Variation Stars – I finished the borders and have made the backing and mailed this to a quilter.

Maple Leaf Mini - This is completely finished and ready to be gifted.

BBCQ - This has a backing and is at the quilters.

The variation stars was drawn by Judy for this months UFO and I finished it first and then kept on going. I am wanting to finish all of my list, but it is such a boring list that I really want to start something new.

I forgot to take photos of most of my completed tops that are now at the quilters... But here is the one I remembered, the Brown Bag Challenge Quilt.
Brown Bag Challenge Quilt

I also managed to complete a ton of blocks for the 3 by 6 Mini Bee (check my Flickr photostream). I made angel blocks from my group from last quarter (4th qtr 2010) because one of our ladies went missing. I also completed the blocks for my ladies this quarter (1st qtr 2011) that are not actually due until March 15th! Woohoo!

I also finished my January blocks for BUZZCUTs for Andrea.
Buzzcuts January 2011

Maybe I can keep up the good work, but I feel the motivation waning...