Monday, December 28, 2009

UFO Final Update

I am at my parents until after the new year and have two quilts that I have almost finished binding. I am unable to sew here on holiday so I am doing my final update for the Joy in the New Year UFO challenge.

Beginner RR Mine - Completely Done (need to be washed and hang in the baby room)
Beginner Round Robin Top

Knot Block Quilt 1 - Completely Done (binding today and mailing to Holland next week)
Marina's Quilt - Knot Block Quilt 1 - Finished

Knot Block Quilt 2 - Ready for Quilting - Done
Knot Block Swap Quilt 1b

Black and Bright Swap - Completely Done (need to find a new owner)
Black and Brights 2009

Swap L'Orange - Ready for Quilting - Done
Orange and White top

Purple and White Swap - At the Quilters - Done
Purple and White Quilt - Unquilted

Triple Four Patch Swap - Top Sandwiched

Blue and White/Yellow Swap - At the Quilters - Done
Blue White Yellow Block Swap Top - Unquilted

Scrappy Rail Fence Swap - Blocks together - needs borders and backing pieced
Rail Fence Block Swap

Spring Fling String Block Swap - Ready for Quilting - Done
Spring Fling Swap Blocks

So I have 8 out of 10 complete and the last two are almost done as well. If I were not spending the last 10 days of the year in Texas, then I am sure I could have finished them all. So I plan to finish the last two during the first half of January and start a new list of 10 UFOSs to finish next year. I might not even have 10 WIPs left now. I will have to check!

Monday, November 30, 2009

UFO Update Plus the last Nov Bee Block

I had been updating the post where I listed my UFOs, but I think it might be more entertaining to give you all a play by play. So I deleted all the changes I had made so that list is in it's original form.

Here is what I have actually done...

I did most of the quilting on my Beginner RR at my UFO Sweatshop night at the local Quilt Shop, The Quilter's Studio. It still needs to be bound.

Knot Block Quilt 1 and my Black and Brights top have already returned from Margaret's and they are wonderful! Both still need trimmed and bound. Knot Block Quilt 2 has had the blocks pieced, but I still need the borders cut and sewn on. Plus I have to find a backing fabric large enough for it.

Both my Purple and White top and my Blue and White/Yellow are ready for the quilters. So I marking them off as done. I need to save up some cash and send them to the quilters after Christmas.

Swap L'Orange is what I am currently working on and hope to finish this Friday at UFO Sweatshop night. Each of the 20 blocks has one half of it's sashing attached, so it should not take too much longer.

I dug out the Triple Four Patch top and found a backing fabric (still needs cut to size). I also hope to use up some pieces of batting so I need to seam those for this quilt./ Maybe I can get it ready for quilting on Friday night.

I did get both the Scrappy Rail Fence blocks and the Spring Fling String blocks out of the chaos that is my sewing room, so I might start playing with layouts this week.

Overall, I have moved to the next step in 9 of my 10 UFOs and have 3 that only need binding and two I consider done (for now). If I got my binding butt in gear over the next few days I could be half done. Woohoo!!!

My last set of blocks for November are the Sew Kid @ Heart II Bee. littletykesmom has us make blocks from firemen fabric for her son.

Fireman Blocks for November

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Mid Novermber Update

Newest Update...

So I have not been quilting as much as normally because we have battled H1N1 and the stomach flu here for the last 2 weeks. I even missed my LQS Sweatshop sewing night because I was so super sick!

I did finish some November quilting bee blocks in the few minutes I was not nursing a sick kid or sick myself.

My entry into the 'Hand Stitched' Embroidery SWAP for Jessica of twinfibers.

Hand Embroidery Swap - Finished

Missy sent us lovely Katie Jump Rope fabrics for the Sweet Dreams Bee. I barely got these done in October and mailed them 2 days late.

Sweet Dreams Bee October - Missy

For November in the Sweet Dreams Bee, we got to make black and bright log cabins for Lori.

Sweet Dreams Quilting Bee  November

In October for Sew Kid @ Heart II, we worked with a fabric from Desiree.

Sew Kid @ Heart II October

For November in the Stash Busting Bee, we made wonky log cabins for Jill.

Scrap busting Bee Nov Blocks

For November in BUZZCUTs Bee, I enjoyed playing with the Moda Neptune fabrics that Julie sent.

BUZZCUTs Nov Blocks

For November in the Sew Kid @ Heart Bee , I enjoyed making these airplane themed blocks for miniaturequilter.

Luke's SK@H blocks Nov 2009

I had a chance to get the border on my purple/white swap blocks and the backing done so it is ready for the quilter while tending to sick kids. I think it turned out lovely even though it is bigger than I expected.

Purple and White Quilt - Unquilted

I have had this black and bright swap block top finished for a little while, but recently got the border on and the backing ready.

Black and Brights 2009

I sent this and my Knot block top that I finished last month to Margaret from Quilts of Love for quilting. She is having a special on her blog so I decided to try her out!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

UFO accountablity post

So I have joined a UFO challenge over at Tallgrass Prairie Studio. I admit to 22+ projects that I have fabric for and 10 of those are in some stage of completion. So this post is my list of projects that I hope to finish by the end of the year and the stage where they are currently.
  1. Beginner RR Mine - Top Sandwiched
  2. Knot Block Quilt 1 - Needs Borders
  3. Knot Block Quilt 2 - Blocks Here
  4. Black and Bright Swap - Needs Borders
  5. Swap L'Orange - Blocks Here
  6. Purple and White Swap - Blocks Here
  7. Triple Four Patch Swap - Top Finished
  8. Blue and White/Yellow Swap - Blocks Here
  9. Scrappy Rail Fence Swap - Blocks Here
  10. Spring Fling String Block Swap - Blocks Here
I will personally quilt the Triple Four Patch Swap and Beginner RR Mine, but will consider the others finished when they are completely ready for the quilter.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Even more Bee Blocks...

So I have been rather lazy lately. I was not really motivated to sew. Plus I made a little taggy blanket for a friend's son.

I was able to finish some quilting bee blocks, my backup DQS7 (which I sent to one of my mother's close friends) and I am working on my S.T.U.D. quilt which is a secret.

First lets start with the DQS7 that I received from Amanda! She had a baby about two weeks before sneding this to me as well, so she was one busy mama!
birdies doll quilt

Beth's quilt
Beth's Quilt

In September for the Stash Busting Bee - International, we made haunted houses for Terrie.
September Stash Busting Bee Block for Terrie

In Sew Kid @ Heart II, September was Viv's month. She sent a Moda Soriee charm and wanted wonky log cabins. I was inspired to make two since I had so many scraps that matched.
Viv's Sew Kid @ Heart II Block September

In the Sweet Dreams Quilting Bee, we made Kathy some Halloween blocks with panels she sent for September.
September Sweet Dreams Quilting Bee

In the Sew Kid at Heart bee, my September block was for Susi's daughter Jamie's princess quilt. I had a hard time deciding what to make to fit the theme. But I found the funnest paper pieced crown and it made the decision for me.
September Susi's Sew Kid @ Heart Block

In the Stash Busting Bee - International, October was Brenda's month. She wanted fall themes 9 patches that she is going to cut up to make a disappearing 9 patch quilt.
Stash Busting Bee - September

Yesterday, I finished Andrea's October BUZZCUT blocks. She wanted modern blocks (not my normal forte) and sent awesome fabric that had a lot of pattern. So I just went with the flow and drew some sketches and made some interesting blocks.
Andrea's BUZZCUT October Blocks

Next up are Missy's Sweet Dreams Quilting Bee Blocks (made with lovely Katie Jump Rope fabrics) and finishing my S.T.U.D. quilt for Cindy.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Almost done with so many things...

I finished two quilt tops recently from old swap blocks. One is from a Black and Brights swap and the other is called the Knot block and is the only time I have worked with batiks; both are from swaps completed in 2006. I also have the backing ready for both, but will not send them out to be quilted until I save up some money. I also forgot to take pictures of the Black and Bright quilt before packing it away, so now I have to go dig it out and photograph it ASAP.

Knot Block Swap Quilt 1b

My monthly sewing night at the LQS is tomorrow and I have a plan to make 10 or so paper pieced blocks for some of the swaps I am in. I will try and post next week with pictures of those. Then I will be caught up on all the blocks due at the end of the month plus some. I will also be working on my Halloween blocks that I have received from the BUZZCUTs group. Only about half have arrived (as my month, September, is not over yet), but I have plans to make a few extra blocks for myself so will work on them tomorrow.

Amber in HI really liked my DQS7 and I am so glad. I am still waiting to receive the quilt made for me though I have been informed by my swapmama that it is on the way.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

September Doings in Arnden's Space

So I finished and sent my doll quilt... I sent the cutesy one and am still working to finish the other one. There was a small snafu and I sent my quilt to Amber in HI who had already received a quilt (two people were assigned her). She is going to keep the quilt I sent her (since it has her name on the label) and make a new quilt for someone else. She is a busy worker bee to get two quilts out in the 6 week time frame that is almost over!

Front of finished DQS7
Doll Quilt Swap 7 005

Back of finished DQS7
Doll Quilt Swap 7 007

And of course I have been busy with quilting bee blocks!

Terrie's blocks for Sew Kid at Heart Quilting Bee
Sew Kid at Heart Blocks for Terrie
She sent the cutest Bubblegum Basics fabrics and a FQ of white and we made butterfly blocks based on her pattern. Mine had to be a little different so I put them on point.

Roxanne's block for Sew Kid at Heart
Roxanne's Sew Kid at Heart Bee Block August
She sent some race car fabrics that her son picked out himself. I wanted to make a block that highlighted all the fabrics sent.

's block for Sew Kid at Heart
Solidia's Sew Kid at Heart Bee Block August
She had a pattern already picked out and sent us fabrics with a plan. It was my first time working with some of the illustrious Flea Market Fancy fabrics.

Viv's block for Sew Kid at Heart
Viv's Sew Kid @ Heart II Block September
She sent flannel and it is my first chance to work with flannel. It was not much different than normal cottons, but I am not sure I will be come a flannel fan.

Lucinda's BUZZCUT Blocks - August
Lucinda's BUZZCUTs Block - August
She sent two greens and a cream. I love how these blocks turned out!

I am up for blocks in September for BUZZCUTs and I sent Halloween fabrics. Once I receive some blocks back, I will post them in separate entry.

Sweet Dreams Quilting Bee - September
We are making Halloween blocks for Kathy. She sent a panel to be included and I have made one block, but hope to make another this week.

Sew Kid at Heart II - September
We are also making Halloween blocks for Terrie in this bee, but she wants wonky houses. I hope to start these soon!

Stash Busting Bee International - September
Viv is sending fabric from Moda's Soiree line for this bee, but since it is coming from New Zealand it might be taking the slow boat.

So I have quite a few September blocks left to make, plus I am almost done with the softie buddy I am making for Viv's son in the Sew Kid at Heart group. I can only give you a hint... It is a cow-print minki animal with a trunk... LOL

I have no big quilts on the table, but I have been working on getting old swap block sets put together into quilt tops. Last month, I got together the Black & Brights swap from delphiforums; I even have the backing ready for it. Now I am just waiting for cash to send it to the quilters. This month I have already started on the knot blocks also from delphiforums in 2006. I have enough for two tops and one is pieced and the other still waiting (both will also need borders).

Monday, August 10, 2009

I have been having fun with my DQS7 ideas and have almost made 2 quilts.

My original idea (before getting my partners info) was a scene from my window. I wanted to include the mountains, a patchwork sky and a bunch of brightly colored flowers. I really really want to try the quilting in the details method that is becoming so popular with the flowers.

Here is a pic before quilting and binding...
DQS7 Flowers

Then I got my partner info and was super excited that she liked all the same fabric types and colors that I did, but she was not big on scenic quilts. So I saw a picture of a fun 'star' shaped table topper and modified it to include themes and fabrics my partner would like. It turned out really cute and forced me to cut into some of my favorite fat quarters (something I have been dreading). It is really cute and still needs bound and the gnome faces added...
DQS7 Gnomes

I have also been working on the binding of my Father-in-law's golf quilt and should have that finished in a couple days.

I also participated in the Mini Quilt in a Bag Round 4 on flickr. Jessie from Tiny House sent me a charm pack of Moda's Wonderfland by Momo and this is what I made her...
MQiaB #4 Front for Tiny House
and the back...
MQiaB #4 Back for Tiny House

I sent her a Moda's Swell charm pack and this is what she made me!
Mini Quilt in a Bag Swap
and the back...
Mini Quilt in a Bag Swap
and it came in the cutest little bag!
Mini Quilt in a Bag Swap

Of course, I have been continuing to crank out Bee blocks, including...

July's Sweet Dream Quilting bee blocks for Julie Antinucci
Julie's Block July 2009 #1
Julie's Block July 2009 #2

For Rachel in the August Sweet Dream Quilting Bee
Sweet Dreams Quilting Bee August
Sweet Dreams Quilting Bee August 2009 002

Wonky Stars for Melissa in the August Stash Busting Bee
Stash Busting Bee August 2009

So now I really need to go work on binding and finishing my Doll Quilt Swap #7 quilt so I can mail it soon.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Other things...

I also just signed up for Doll Quilt Swap #7 (dqs7) and cannot wait to get my partner info. I think there might be a few spots left so go sign up here!

dqs7 button.

I finished Aunt Dianna's quilt in May and finally gave it to her in late June! She really liked it even though I had to add green to her normal black and white.
Aunt Dianna's Quilt Front 1

I also have finished Stan's golf quilt top, but need to prep the backing and send it to the quilter! Maybe I will have it done when I post next!

Here is a pic of the fabrics I sent for the Sew Kid at Heart Quilting Bee. I have gotten 8 blocks back already, but will wait to post a photo when I get them all returned.
Kids Quilting Bee

In the S.T.U.D. Mini Quilt Group I received a quilt from from Chocolateisthebestmedicine and the Letter 'D' was her theme.
STUD June 02

I sent her a quilt and the Letter 'L' was my theme.
May STUD quiltie and extra goodies received from Amdensspace

Three days ago, I also finished a quiltie for Tiny House for the Mini Quilt in a Bag Swap Round 4. She sent me a charm pack of Wonderland by Momo for Moda Fabrics and I made a quilt. It is finished and will be mailed tomorrow, but I cannot post pictures until she gets it as it is a suprise. She is making me a quilt from a charm pack from the Swell line also by Moda Farbics and I hope if arrives in the next couple weeks.

Right now, I have two more July blocks to make for some of the quilting bees and then I think I will be working on some old WIPs that are pileing up in my sewing closet.