Sunday, November 1, 2009

UFO accountablity post

So I have joined a UFO challenge over at Tallgrass Prairie Studio. I admit to 22+ projects that I have fabric for and 10 of those are in some stage of completion. So this post is my list of projects that I hope to finish by the end of the year and the stage where they are currently.
  1. Beginner RR Mine - Top Sandwiched
  2. Knot Block Quilt 1 - Needs Borders
  3. Knot Block Quilt 2 - Blocks Here
  4. Black and Bright Swap - Needs Borders
  5. Swap L'Orange - Blocks Here
  6. Purple and White Swap - Blocks Here
  7. Triple Four Patch Swap - Top Finished
  8. Blue and White/Yellow Swap - Blocks Here
  9. Scrappy Rail Fence Swap - Blocks Here
  10. Spring Fling String Block Swap - Blocks Here
I will personally quilt the Triple Four Patch Swap and Beginner RR Mine, but will consider the others finished when they are completely ready for the quilter.

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