Sunday, December 28, 2008

A few thoughts...

Okay... As the New Year 2009 approaches, these are just a few things I am discovering about myself:

1. I am weird... and I LIKE It!

2. Money doesn't matter!

3. I like making things myself, I'm very DIY (do it yourself)

4. I am a NOT homebody, I need to get out at least once a day

5. I miss my family and like my in-laws

6. I LOVE my babies

7. I LOVE being home with my babies and playing with them

8. I think it is ridiculous that we (Americans) feel the need to have sooo many things (myself included)

9. I think it is stupid that peoples homes are expected to be exceptionally clean at all times (I don't know who they are kidding more, themselves or others???)

10. I love to drink Pepsi, yummy!

11. Less is more

12. I love that "ah ha" moment of creativity

13. I am a picky eater and always will be

14. I like to have quiet time, especially in the evening (even if it means going to bed 30 minutes later)

15. I am a procrastinator... and i am working on it

16. I can survive on very little sleep

17. I like myself more the older I get

18. It is okay for people to see you unperfect... because it only makes them feel more normal

19. I like REAL people... life is messy, why clean it up???!!!

20. I can be very random.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Yeah, I am finishing things...

I have not been doing a lot of sewing since my vacation, but I did catchup on a couple of swap packages. Swapbot is my newest addiction.

I finished the other Quilt of Valor for my other Mommy's Group.


I have a request in for a local place to deliver these, so they should be finding new homes relatively soon.

I am currently working on the blocks for a quilt for Dianne, who is Amanda's new MIL. It is out of the Blank Textiles Ovarian Cancer Fabrics... I have the blocks assembled and will be adding the borders this week.

OC Fabrics

I also completed and sent my doll Quilt Swap #5 in the mail to Europe. It kind of cutesy and uses some of the gnome fabric that I covet.

dqs5 Front

Not sure what I plan on working on next after this OC quilt... Maybe my FIL, Stan's, golf themed lap quilt or something else.... Hmmmm....