Thursday, September 3, 2009

September Doings in Arnden's Space

So I finished and sent my doll quilt... I sent the cutesy one and am still working to finish the other one. There was a small snafu and I sent my quilt to Amber in HI who had already received a quilt (two people were assigned her). She is going to keep the quilt I sent her (since it has her name on the label) and make a new quilt for someone else. She is a busy worker bee to get two quilts out in the 6 week time frame that is almost over!

Front of finished DQS7
Doll Quilt Swap 7 005

Back of finished DQS7
Doll Quilt Swap 7 007

And of course I have been busy with quilting bee blocks!

Terrie's blocks for Sew Kid at Heart Quilting Bee
Sew Kid at Heart Blocks for Terrie
She sent the cutest Bubblegum Basics fabrics and a FQ of white and we made butterfly blocks based on her pattern. Mine had to be a little different so I put them on point.

Roxanne's block for Sew Kid at Heart
Roxanne's Sew Kid at Heart Bee Block August
She sent some race car fabrics that her son picked out himself. I wanted to make a block that highlighted all the fabrics sent.

's block for Sew Kid at Heart
Solidia's Sew Kid at Heart Bee Block August
She had a pattern already picked out and sent us fabrics with a plan. It was my first time working with some of the illustrious Flea Market Fancy fabrics.

Viv's block for Sew Kid at Heart
Viv's Sew Kid @ Heart II Block September
She sent flannel and it is my first chance to work with flannel. It was not much different than normal cottons, but I am not sure I will be come a flannel fan.

Lucinda's BUZZCUT Blocks - August
Lucinda's BUZZCUTs Block - August
She sent two greens and a cream. I love how these blocks turned out!

I am up for blocks in September for BUZZCUTs and I sent Halloween fabrics. Once I receive some blocks back, I will post them in separate entry.

Sweet Dreams Quilting Bee - September
We are making Halloween blocks for Kathy. She sent a panel to be included and I have made one block, but hope to make another this week.

Sew Kid at Heart II - September
We are also making Halloween blocks for Terrie in this bee, but she wants wonky houses. I hope to start these soon!

Stash Busting Bee International - September
Viv is sending fabric from Moda's Soiree line for this bee, but since it is coming from New Zealand it might be taking the slow boat.

So I have quite a few September blocks left to make, plus I am almost done with the softie buddy I am making for Viv's son in the Sew Kid at Heart group. I can only give you a hint... It is a cow-print minki animal with a trunk... LOL

I have no big quilts on the table, but I have been working on getting old swap block sets put together into quilt tops. Last month, I got together the Black & Brights swap from delphiforums; I even have the backing ready for it. Now I am just waiting for cash to send it to the quilters. This month I have already started on the knot blocks also from delphiforums in 2006. I have enough for two tops and one is pieced and the other still waiting (both will also need borders).


Mel said...

I love the fun and different shape of your first quilt in this post!

susan said...

my goodness thats a LOT of blocks!!!
great job on all of them
love that block with the fmf, do you do a string block then add a triangle?