Thursday, September 17, 2009

Almost done with so many things...

I finished two quilt tops recently from old swap blocks. One is from a Black and Brights swap and the other is called the Knot block and is the only time I have worked with batiks; both are from swaps completed in 2006. I also have the backing ready for both, but will not send them out to be quilted until I save up some money. I also forgot to take pictures of the Black and Bright quilt before packing it away, so now I have to go dig it out and photograph it ASAP.

Knot Block Swap Quilt 1b

My monthly sewing night at the LQS is tomorrow and I have a plan to make 10 or so paper pieced blocks for some of the swaps I am in. I will try and post next week with pictures of those. Then I will be caught up on all the blocks due at the end of the month plus some. I will also be working on my Halloween blocks that I have received from the BUZZCUTs group. Only about half have arrived (as my month, September, is not over yet), but I have plans to make a few extra blocks for myself so will work on them tomorrow.

Amber in HI really liked my DQS7 and I am so glad. I am still waiting to receive the quilt made for me though I have been informed by my swapmama that it is on the way.

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The Quilting Pirate said...

Hi Arnden! Amy shared me your pirate fabric and now going through all your flickr stuff, I would like to take more off your hands. Please email me so we can work out something :)