Monday, January 17, 2011

Actual Progress...

I have made progress on a lot of my UFOS...

Broncos Top - I think I have found a center, but it is knit. I am debating on whether it will work as a quilt center if I back it in interfacing or not....

Halloween – I have made the backing and mailed this to a quilter.

Variation Stars – I finished the borders and have made the backing and mailed this to a quilter.

Maple Leaf Mini - This is completely finished and ready to be gifted.

BBCQ - This has a backing and is at the quilters.

The variation stars was drawn by Judy for this months UFO and I finished it first and then kept on going. I am wanting to finish all of my list, but it is such a boring list that I really want to start something new.

I forgot to take photos of most of my completed tops that are now at the quilters... But here is the one I remembered, the Brown Bag Challenge Quilt.
Brown Bag Challenge Quilt

I also managed to complete a ton of blocks for the 3 by 6 Mini Bee (check my Flickr photostream). I made angel blocks from my group from last quarter (4th qtr 2010) because one of our ladies went missing. I also completed the blocks for my ladies this quarter (1st qtr 2011) that are not actually due until March 15th! Woohoo!

I also finished my January blocks for BUZZCUTs for Andrea.
Buzzcuts January 2011

Maybe I can keep up the good work, but I feel the motivation waning...

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Heather said...

You've accomplished a ton in January. Don't give up! lol The photos you posted look lovely, too. Keep up the good work! :o)