Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Some small successes and one big one....

I have been pretty busy with crafty stuff the last few weeks, but I have not been updating my blog here very well. So to catch you up…

I finished the Doll Quilt Swap #4 quilt and named it Aqua Fishy. It is on it’s way to Canada and should be arriving any day now.

DQS4 Aqua Fishy

I also made a few blocks for different quilty friends on my Quilting Passions Delphigroup. I made 2 purple and white Ohio Stars blocks for Kimberly’s quilt, but completely forgot to take a picture. I also made a block for Lexie’s wedding quilt from the group.

Lexie's Wedding Block

I received my Beginner Round Robin Quilt from the Quilting Sister’s yahoo group. It was my first ever Round Robin and I thank Lisa, Nancy, Susan, Lorianne and Kim for their lovely work on my little dragon center. It turned out very cute!

Beginner Round Robin Top

On Saturday, I took my first ever quilting class at Dry Creek Quilts. It was a machine quilting class and I learned a bit from it and am practicing my machine quilting this week on a cheapo “Cars” panel for Zach from Hobby Lobby. The instructor talked a lot about needle and thread choice, but we did not get much constructive criticism on our small in class trial square. I wish we had done more in class practice and just gotten info on thread and needles that we could read at home.

Next up is Ronin’s Green Pirate quilt, Zach’s Red Pirate quilt is waiting so I can send them off to the quilter together…

Hopefully in the next month I get Sharon’s Quilt back from the quilters as I never took in pictures and want to have it complete by the end of October to take to Texas for Amanda’s Wedding.

As for the potty training fiasco… on Saturday Zach decided he needed to poop in the potty to make his ‘girlfriend’ proud of him, so far we have had no accidents. Isn’t 3 a little young to have such pressure from a ‘love’ interest?

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