Thursday, May 7, 2009

More things done!

So I have been busy and am excited that I am at least posting once a month... LOL

I have been working on blocks for for my sewing bees... I was already in one, another started this month and today I joined a third. I think that will be my max!

In BUZZ CUTS it was John's turn and the fabrics he sent were wonderful, but I sure had a tough time making the blocks.

Buzzcut John 002
For this block, I cut six 60 degree diamonds, but when I went to assemble them I had enough room to add a 7th perfectly. I cut the green too small so I had to improvise and add other fabrics around the edges to make it square and join up some of the smaller green pieces I had left over.

Buzzcut John 001
I am not even sure if this is a normal block, I saw it in my head and just made up the pattern as I went. I love how it turned out!

In the Sweet Dreams Bee, May was the first month and it was Carol's month. She sent 30s prints and I was lost on what to do with them as I normally do not use them. So I repeated one of the patterns I used for John and moved the colors around.

Carol D 002

I also wanted to try something I have seen done on the DQS quilts in the past and tried quilting the leaves on the block. These are supposed to look like flowers.
Carol D 001

I also finished Aunt Dianna's quilt and have no idea when I am going to get a chance to give it to her as we see her only every month or two. So for now it is safe in the basement crafting room.
Aunt Dianna's Quilt Front 1

I am halfway done making the blocks for Stan's golf quilt and hope to get the top done by the end of the month and maybe have the quilt completely done by Father's Day.

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