Friday, January 17, 2014

Finish Along 2014 Q1 List

I have so many UFOs that I want to be held accountable and join The Littlest Thistle's Finish Along 2014 Q1. With my cancer surgery and radiation, I might not finish all these in Q1, but it is nice to have them all in one place and I can always move them to the next Quarter!

1. DQS#14 - This has a due date (1/24), but has been lingering in this state over a month.
2. MQG Madrona Road Challenge - I made a scrappy trip along top and ran out of fabric. So I ordered more then left it sitting.
3. Anni's Red, Aqua, Grey, Pink Quilt - Blocks from swaps all here
4. Eiry's Red, Aqua, Grey, Pink Quilt - Blocks from swaps need two more Scrappy Trip Along blocks
5. Anni's Munki Munki Quilt - Blocks done
6. Eiry's Munki Munki Quilt - Blocks need sashings added
7. Super Old UFO - Charity Nine Patch - Blocks done and need sashing
8. Orange Pirate Quilt - Fabric Cut
9. Mendocino Quilt - Nothing cut, but the fabric has been in a pretty stack waiting for three months
10. Hugs for my helpers - When I am sewing, I normally have one girl on each side of me 'helping'. I need to be calmer and remember they love me and want to be with me and are not actually trying to mess me up while sewing.
 Good luck everyone and keep on sewing!


Katy Cameron said...

Oooh, jealous of the Munki Munki recipients!

Good luck with your list, and even more so with the surgery and radiation

Sarah Lou said...

Good luck getting these finished, the paper piecing looks really interesting. Best wishes for your treatment too.

Lorna McMahon said...

Good for you setting some goals! And you have the cutest little helpers. It is hard when they are such little ones.... But so worth it! Love those striped diamond blocks!

Anonymous said...

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