Tuesday, January 27, 2009

More progress...

So it has been a month since my last post... I have done better, but I have also done worse.

Z and R's Pirate quilts are being quilted as we speak and I should be able to pick them up by Friday. A&B's wedding quilt is also at the quilters, but won't be home for 2-3 weeks. However, I did finish Dianne's quilt and here is a pic....

Dianne's Quilt Top Finished

I also signed up for a quilt block swap where 16 people each get a month and then send out fabric and get blocks from the other 15 people during their month. this month was Tanaya and I ended up making 3 blocks.

Tanaya's Block 003

Not my favorite, but interesting.

Tanaya's Block 002

A good use of the zigzag pattern

Tanaya's Block 001

My favorite and a crazy mess-up when I cut the fabrics too small, but it turned out great.

I have also got all 280 blocks done for Aunt Dianna's quilt and am in the process of cutting strips from old baby clothes to make a quilt top for a friend of mine. So I have a lot to do and should be busy for a while... Now if I could just get motivated to get off the computer and start working on one of those projects... LOL


AJ said...

Love the Aqua quilt!! I'm going to make one just like it! I've been planning it in my head for ages and I really like yours!

Gayle said...

I absolutely cannot believe how much you quilt. I can't even imagine it! You are so talented. I am your FQ Swap partner for Feb. I sent you a Flickrmail this morning and look forward to hearing back from you.