Monday, June 30, 2008

In the last two days I have not gotten any sewing done. I have completed some sewing related projects though.

I cut the fabric for the blocks for my Doll Quilt Swap #4 quilt. I also have an idea about the pattern for the top. Here are the fabrics for the dqs4 quilt I am making…

Aqua Fishy

I also chose and packaged my fabrics going to the Twisted Mystery #4 Quilt Swap. They are playful, but I cannot post a picture because this is a secret swap and I would not want my partner to know I sent them. I will post again when I get the fabrics that I will be working with.

I also got Zach’s Pirate quilt ironed and packed to be sent for quilting, but I still have to piece the backing and decide if I am sending it alone or if I should wait to finish Ronin’s too and send them at the same time. Here is a picture of the top…

Zach's Pirate Quilt 002

I really need to get to work on my doll swap quilt and Ronin’s pirate quilt, but I have been so unmotivated lately!

Zach has been regressing today with his potty training... he has soiled 5 pairs of pants this morning and it is barely 11am. So I am making him run around half naked. He still refuses to poo in the toilet. I have no idea what is up with this guy. He was doing so good with the training and then he just stopped going the to toilet at all today. I hope he goes back to at least peeing there soon! I know it is most likely my fault for freaking out after the 2nd or 3rd pair of wet pants this morning, but come on!

Edited to add: Never again will I let him go without pants! He pooped upstairs then played trains in the poop and made 'tracks' all over the floor in 3 rooms. Somehow he did all this in less than 10 minutes!

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