Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Got two things in the post today... YEAH!

Yesterday I finished the RRCD Quilt top called Candy Stripes. I put on the second border of QST's and used all the 30s repro fabric I have. There are a few QSTs and 4patches left over that I might try to fit togerher into another charity top some day. I sent this in the mail with a ton of striped flannel for a backing to Dori to quilt and finish.

RRCD Candy Stripes

I also mailed Sharon's quilt and backing with some batting to Quiltgal for quilting. I have not used her before, but she is very reasonably priced and seems very knowledgable. So I think she will do a wonderful job. Sharon's quilt is gigantic and rather cute. I did not really like the colors before I made the top, but now that it is completed it all goes together nicely.

So now my sewing priorities are:

The second of three pirate tops...
The QOVs for the mommies groups...
And deciding what I want to do for the Dall Quilt Swap #4...

Speaking of dolls, here is mine. He has been my doll since 1981 when my little sister, Amanda, was born. I have cried on him a million times. Since there are no other females in my house, I doubt I could find another doll anywhere.

Michael Shawn

The boys and I went swimming this morning and had a great time. I think I am a little sunburnt on my back where I could not reach to put sunscreen on. I think we will go do a little shopping this afternoon after Ronin wakes up from his nap.

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