Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Super Busy...

So I have eight projects going on at once right now....

1. Binding Z and R's Pirate Quilts

2. A&B's quilt should arrive today and needs bound by the end of the week.

3. Just finished the STUD #2 quilt and it is on it's way home.
STUD #2 - Paper Piecing

4. Stephanie's Baby Clothes Quilt (I have 49 blocks done, but have to cut and add sashing to them all then assemble them by the end of the month)

5. Mini Quilt in a Bag quilt with the following fabrics (top is done and layered, but needs quilting and binding not due until March 14th)...

6. A swapbot Fat Quarter challenge... Think Cherries... Barely started and due March 1st.

7. This week I made my second softie ever for a swapbot swap entitled the Happy Toadstool!
Happy Toalstool

8. Aunt Dianna's quilt (blocks are done, but it is on hold while I work on the above 7 things).

So I have been working rather hard to get things done and still have so much too do!

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Crochetoholic said...

oh my that is adorable...I just love that little guy..... :)