Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Mission Completion

Holy #$%^&*, I should make lists more often! I finished 7 of the 8 things I listed in my last posting. The 8th is also coming along nicely! Next week, I will make a new list and we will see how that goes... LOL

1. Z and R's Pirate Quilts are finally DONE!
Pirate Quilt Zach

Pirate Quilt Ronin

2. A&B's quilt is complete and already in Texas waiting for her to be surprised by it.
A&B's Quilt Finished

3. The STUD #2 Quilt is home and was well received!

4. Stephanie's Baby Clothes Quilt is in the mail and might arrive tomorrow!
Steph's Quilt

5. Mini Quilt in a Bag will be in the mail tomorrow.

6. Think Cherries will also be in the mail tomorrow.

7. Happy Toadstool arrived at it's new home!

8. Aunt Dianna's quilt... I have the rows complete, but have to iron them and sew all 20 together then find a color for the border and add borders.


Sheree said...

Wow, look at all these great quilts!!

Kay said...

The last quilt makes my heart do flip flops...I love the details of the pirate quilts also and how they coordinate. Great work :o)